Words from the Garden. Chapter 1

It’s finally spring in my part of the world.  And although we haven’t had the snow and cold that some parts of Canada have had lately, our soggy, grey ,coastal winter seems to have dragged on longer than usual.

Finally my garden is coming to life.  The tulips are blooming and the grey skies have lifted. There is finally colour everywhere and we are more than ready to feast our eyes on this refreshing vista.

The rose bushes are sending out new leaves.  They’ll be show stopping and flashy by the middle of June.  Pretty and popular, they are the girls that no one can resist inviting to the party.

For the moment the Forsythia is wreaking havoc with anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. An unmistakable stand out head of yellow blond.

The charming blossoms on the Bleeding Heart dangle precariously from tiny stems like fragile umbilical cords connected to the nourishment of the warm soil below.

It’s the TULIPS that are the show stoppers these days. Grabbing the lime light saying ‘look at me, look at me’.

The confident cluster of a well dressed clique. Matching outfits huddled together with heads listening in to the latest gossipy rumour.

Yes they are beautiful and a welcoming site to herald the beginning of our growing season.

But they are not the only ones that have shown up for class. Spring roll call also includes the less flamboyant but strong and independent Fritillaria. Single and confident, hovering along the periphery of the showy taller girls.

Low to the ground acting like small garden umbrellas, they hang along the edges of the crowd. You may have to pay attention to notice they are even there.

But this time of year My Favourite Plant is just coming into it’s own. It isn’t flashy and attention grabbing. If you don’t know to keep an eye out for it right now, you may completely miss it’s spectacular show.  With a name like Arisarum Proboscideum, it’s just the best. I had to work on the pronunciation but I’ve got it now and it rolls off my tongue with ease.  If your curious about this plant there is more information on it here...  It’s more common name is ‘mouse plant’ and for good reason.

This is what the plant looks like from above.

Unassuming, quiet and shy. Maybe hoping it won’t be noticed.

A low growing compact mass of green leaves that are shaped like arrows.

But look more closely and you’ll see what appear to be  a mouse tail poking out from between the greenery.

Bend down, pull back the leaves and this is what you’ll find.  The ‘blossom of the plant

Like tiny mice,  hiding under cover.

Fresh white heads poke out from the collar of a compact brown suit. How delightful is that?

A fragile wisp of tail escaping between the leaves is the first sign I watch for when I’m doing rounds along the garden path after I’ve acknowledge that yes, you tulips are lovely.

It delights me no end every single Spring.

Maybe in life as in the garden ,we need to pull back the outer covering of the foliage to see the true blossom inside. Keep an eye out for the quieter less attention grabbing, unassuming ones. They have more than their share to offer. The ‘ tell tale ‘ signs at first glance may belie the beauty beneath. A reminder that first impression don’t always tell the full story.

 A little sleuthing unearths the inner treasure and it’s worth the exploration.

The unassuming hidden treasures in my garden are reminders to me that life is richer with these surprise little gifts we have to look to find. They get my undivided attention amongst all the noise and colour of the obvious.

I delight in the search for these unassuming stars.