Work in Progress

My life is a work in progress.  My home and garden are a work in progress.  I have artwork that are works in progress.

There are days that I just want to wave that magic wand and have things be done right now ! I know life doesn’t work that way. We need the right tools to do the right job and it all takes time.

We are having a small deck off the side of our house replaced. 

The construction is happening in an area where our barbecue lives and also beside some raised garden beds.  It’s all torn up and the place looks chaotic.  That door in the middle of the picture looks out from the kitchen.  I’m in my kitchen a LOT and this is what I see.  Usually there are a team of men / boys working on this deck and stairs, but I took this picture once they had gone home for the day.   It’s noisy and it’s messy and it’s not private right now.  It’s like life.

The garlic is poking up out of the raised bed on the left. The one with the yellow extension cord draped through it. I’m trying not to worry that some of the tops will get snapped off.  Trying not to worry. If some don’t make it, the survivors will be just that much more appreciated.

But these boy / men have been so thoughtful and apologetic for the disruption to our life.  They tidy up at the end of their day and make the area look as best as it can as they work their way through this project. They always introduce themselves when someone new comes onto the site.  Pretty terrific all in all.

Projects like this remind me to be grateful it’s even happening and that everything in life requires patience!  Our old deck was rotting so badly that it had to be replaced.  It’s going to be so nice once the weather gets better ( if it ever gets better ), to have a safe sturdy surface outside the kitchen door. How lucky am I.

The tools will be gone and the area will be back to normal.  I won’t have these nice young men showing up every morning to keep me company and the yard will be quiet once more.

Spring will have arrived in earnest, summer close on it’s heals and before you know it we’ll be complaining of the heat.

And I can hardly wait.

Until then, I’ll dream of when my garden will come to life and remind myself there is no such thing as a magic wand.  Savour the process. So much to learn every step of the way.