The Little Things

A short and quick post .  I’m just back from having spent a short time away with my family in the land of sun and sand.  It was such a rejuvenating experience because this is what I’m mostly seeing out my window at this time of year.

It’s not cold but it’s pretty grey looking..

I was lucky enough to escape the bleakness even for a few days and ended up looking out at this ….

Standing on the beach when I looked one way ….

And the other way ….

The beach was so vast and unoccupied, I couldn’t help but feel small in relation to all that there is in the world.

Just before we went to leave and arrive home to this :

I took one last walk along the beach and randomly gathered a few teeny tiny shells.

I wrapped them in a piece of kleenex .tucked them into the toe of a shoe in my suitcase for safe transport ,  …

And this is what I discovered completely by accident when I unwrapped them at home.

How incredible is that .