The topic for our November blog circle is GRATITUDE , and I don’t think the timing could be better………..

My friends to the south in the United States are just finishing up celebrating Thanksgiving this week and we here in Canada have put away our Thanksgiving paraphenalia after October to pause briefly before launching into December and all that it holds.

” Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more…..It turns denial into acceptance. chaos into order, confusion into clarity… It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. ”

These are the words of Melody Beattie, and they ring true for me.

I want the practise of gratitude to be something that is always with me. When I’m having trouble getting to sleep some nights, I make a list in my mind of things I am grateful for.  I start with things that happened that day, and some times find myself going back to some tiny detail  from my childhood.  And I’ve been amazed in that half awake, half asleep state, at what pops into my head. Some of the most insignificant appearing moments or thoughts are all that it takes.

There have been times in the past when I’ve needed to be more intentional than ever with this practise especially when life’s challenging phases wiggle their way in.  But it does seem to get easier and easier the more I treat the word gratitude as a verb not a noun.

I have so many things to be grateful for right here, right now, today , that if I started a list I might not be able to stop.

I would for sure begin with where I live. 

And I feel so lucky to call this my back yard.

My home is where I wrap myself in a sense of belonging. It fuels my creative life without a doubt. This environment on and near the ocean impacts my daily life and that of my family ( which is what I am MOST grateful for ). Yes I would have to start there… It’s truly a beautiful part of the world. And honestly I never take it for granted. I live on the east side of an Island and this is what the west side of the island looks like. My family and I were lucky enough to spend time here during our recent Thanksgiving holiday, and how can I be any more grateful than to have shared the time with them making memories.

And really, to have a husband who likes to cook.. I would have to stop and start on that point too.                              

‘His’ Thanksgiving meal of  lamb, squash, and polenta with gorganzola cheese and roasted pecans ? Well that is a whole LOT of grateful.

My kids, all 3 now adults, their partners, their little people ( all 6 ) and a husband who has weathered through life’s fair share of ups and downs over a span of 39 years is what makes my heart soar.

My mother was 23 years old when I was born and my dad was 2 days shy of his 25th birthday. Amazingly enough I was their 3rd child. I can not begin to express HOW GRATEFUL I am that their incredible attitude about gratitude came to me through them.

They gave me my spirit, my drive, my creative force, my sense of humour and to that I can never say Thank YOU enough.

So grateful you stopped by for a visit. Come with me and hop over to the next spot on this blog circle and visit my friend Michelle Hill here and read her thoughts on Gratitude.