Word of the Year

Looks like January has just passed the mid month point. I wanted to get my word of the year down and committed before I became too embedded in other projects.

I  have  chosen  the  word…


I hadn’t heard about the WOTY concept until last year when I was taking an on line course from KRR .. Some of the connections I made through her course have sent me on a trajectory of growth .  I’ve met some amazing , inspiring artists and I’ve been growing some great friendships with people from all over the globe.

It was through one of the groups formed as an offshoot to KRR’s  course that I heard about choosing one single word to manifest a person’s intentions for the upcoming year.  Sounded like a great idea to me.

So for last year ( 2013 ) leading into December the word “ACTION “ seemed to somehow keep popping into my head. It showed up on signs and in adds on TV and magazines . My eye would jump to that word when I was even reading a book. By the time January rolled around I knew it was the right word for me to declare in 2013.

I knew I wanted to TAKE ACTION  with my art which is why I signed up to do KRR course in the fall of 2012.  I wanted to make my art with more intention and commitment. And I did …..

  • I took ACTION to learn how to set up a blog ( and it nearly killed me ) , and I’m still learning…  I thought surely I can figure this out.
  • I took ACTION and set up  a business Facebook page.
  • I took ACTION by claiming a part of our family garage as a space to gather all my art supplies ( another blog on that process is coming)  …
  • I took ACTION and enrolled in some art courses. I painted and sketched and collaged and wrote and revived my unfinished art projects.

It was time...

I needed to declare my need to get on with incorporating art more intentionally in my life before I regretted not having made the effort . Choosing that set of 6 letters and have them swirling around in my head for 12 months was a great exercise.  It was so inspirational to me that when 2014 started to loom on the horizon I began to wonder what word was I looking for to manifest my year ahead.  Because of some of bumps in my road in 2103 , you can read about them here, it was time to start fresh.

When the word BUILD kept repeatedly showing up in my subconscious, and in adds on TV , and in magazines and on the written page, and in my head ( again and again and again ),I knew that was it !

Because I had taken ACTION, it was now time for me to BUILD on that foundation.

I know I want to:

  • Build my blog  ( reason to give credit to the sources that are inspiring me)
  • Build my confidence in my artful ability ( feeling pretty needy on this one )
  • Build a website to connect all the dots back to my art , my writing, my photography, my fibre art and ……
  • Build a bridge ( ETSY ?? ) for people to access me and my work in the event that heaven forbid they might want to buy something that I’ve made, or publish something I had written.
  • Build my knowledge about techniques , supplies , connections for publishing, and showing my work.
  • Build my language skills ( dreamt of going to France to take a sketching and painting course, and it’s happening this June ), and my french is REALLY rusty.
  • Build my confidence to do all this ( I think I said this already )
  • Build in some time in my days , weeks , months to be artful.
  • Build on the friendships that I’m making through my art community
  • Build on bridging my new friends with my less artfully inclined older ( as in long time ) friends and see if there is any inspiration to be shared.

So……” BUILD”….. it is and here I go…………….

I heard a talk recently ( which is why I want to get better at blogging ) . I so wish I could give credit to the person I heard it from ( will work on that and post if it comes to me ), or if you know let me know !!   But the concept was on ‘building a life’.. What kind of life do you want to BUILD.  What are you building in your life that you will get and give reward for having accomplished.

I’m really ready and looking forward to 2014.  We have just come through the first full moon of 2014, and for some reason it seemed to really strike me as significant.  It was beautiful and maybe because we’ve had some pretty grey days around here lately. But when it surfaced on my horizon I really had to stop and just take it in.

Maybe it was a sign !