A Different Kind of Business Card Holder

I’ve been making things by hand for my entire life it seems. A few years ago , I made a series of these little needle holders for family and friends. Every one of them was a little different colour of felt or different pattern of flower.  Problem was, I never kept one for myself and always wished I had.

When we headed off on holiday recently I knew I needed a project to work on while we were en route, so I decided to dig through my stash of felted fabric and make one to hang onto.

Did it , posted a picture on my Instagram Feed and one of my on line friends asked whether this concept could be adapted to become a business card holder.

Gave it a try and here it is…. Easy project , scissors, embroidery thread, one button and a needle.

She chose green and I cut some small pieces of felt in tiny rounds to make the flowers  and attached them using a french knot. I’ve also used tiny glass beads to create the flower petals in the past too.  Really , there are lots of options.

I used a running stitch to attach the  leaves and create stems . No real pattern to the flowers or leaf placement .  My only suggestion would be to allow for the placement of your button before you set up for the flowers. If you don’t, the button can look out of place.  Use an inside piece of felt slightly smaller than the outer ‘cover ‘to create your ‘book’, and I like to use comparable but contrasting patterns.  But really it’s a personal preference.   Do the embroidery first and then  the stitches will be  buried between the two layers of felt.

And here it is … I used a blanket stitch for the side seams of the card ‘envelope’ and added a small snap to the flap of the envelope so her cards wouldn’t slide out accidentally .

I used a simple chain stitch to crotchet a loop for the button closure.

It’s on it’s way to her now and I sure hope she enjoys it… Reminds me about the importance of hand made items and really how embroidery like this is really like stitching a picture.

It’s been such fun to unearth some of my old supplies.  I may have to get back at it and create a few more.